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What is Ritual Living Co.?

Ritual Living Co. is an NYC-based professional organizing service - offering simple, realistic solutions

for your home & life to run more efficiently.  But, really, we are much more than that.

We are wellness for mind, body, soul, and home - working holistically - to help you


permanently - by getting to the root of your blocks & clutter.

Are you ready to be intentional about your life? Are you ready to let go of what’s not serving you? 

If so, we have the tools to help. Let’s work together.

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Hi! I’m Michelle - the founder of Ritual Living Co.

I first knew that I was born to organize about 10 years ago when I realized I had been doing it for 5 hours straight, had forgotten to eat … and was pretty hungry!

Since then I have learned a lot about organizing. Mainly that getting organized is personal and is not just about buying containers & labeling baskets.

My organizing philosophy is about getting to know you, your life & your goals. It is understanding how your space makes you feel now - and how you would like it to make you feel - making sure everything you own is personal and has meaning.

When all of these elements come together, we can make your home your haven.

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Michelle guided me through a closet overhaul that left me with a joy-filled wardrobe. Her calmness & candidness allowed me to lovingly let go of clothes that were no longer working. She thoughtfully organized the remaining clothes in groupings that made getting ready in the mornings quick and enjoyable. If you’re ready to see your space as a work of art, Michelle will help get you there!

— Jenn H., Los Angeles
Ridiculously efficient & organized” is the phrase that comes to mind for me of Michelle. I could always rely on her to give me the facts and really let me know what could and couldn’t happen for a [project]. She was such a pleasure to work with, always on the ball and kept the communication open.

— Nancy H., New York
Michelle is the most efficient organizer. She took control of the project and needed no hand holding. She beyond exceeded my expectations. I could only dream of an organized office such as this! Do yourself a favor and hire Michelle!

— Madison Y., Los Angeles
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