Organizing is vulnerable - opening your home + personal things to a stranger is VULNERABLE. Letting someone see you more intimately than most people in the world do - is HARD. I get it. I’ve been there time and time again. And since I’m asking for vulnerability from you, I want to be vulnerable WITH you and share my story a little more intimately.

So here we go - the last 10 years have been an uphill battle for me. When I first moved to New York, things were great. I was living in a city I loved, doing work that I liked and got paid well for, and felt like I was moving forward. Everything was new & exciting and there was so much to experience. But - around the time of my Saturn return (27 - aka ‘quarter-life crisis’ - for those of you not familiar) - everything changed. I started to feel STUCK - in work, in life, & in my relationship. More than stuck, I felt DRAINED. I knew I didn’t want certain things in my life but felt I couldn’t change them. I put others happiness before my own. I was surrounded by unhealthy relationships but felt I couldn’t leave or do anything to make them better. I lived out of obligation and stopped moving forward. I was living a SHELL of life but I didn’t know what to do about it.

All I knew was that I wanted things to CHANGE - I wanted to turn my dreams into reality & face my fears. I wanted to stop the uncertainty and the frustration - frustration that only built up inside - keeping me stuck. I moved from apartment to apartment - thinking there was an external solution. I didn’t buy furniture. I didn’t decorate. I stopped caring about my work. I didn’t commit - to anything. I didn’t know where my life was going to end up - and I didn’t have clarity & purpose towards what I was working for, so I didn’t invest in myself. And my inner frustration became an outer frustration - I gained weight - coming home every night - binging on wine and pizza and ice cream. I didn’t exercise or put my needs first. That was my personal rock bottom...

So I did the only thing I knew to do, which was to search for answers. I didn’t even know what to call the search. I didn’t know that my reading and research and questions were the start of my own personal development journey. I didn’t have the language around it. But as I searched - teachers began showing up - in the form of books, mentors, documentaries, wise colleagues, classes, etc.

It was a very long & winding road - 10 years in the making, but what I eventually discovered was that healthy relationships were possible, I can’t do it alone, but that the answers are inside of me, and that by doing the inner work, I could become - UNSTUCK. That the beliefs and patterns that had been ingrained in me throughout my life were possible to change and re-program and that a healthier version of me - emotionally, spiritually & physically - was there all along.

The more I learned and the more I became willing to dig deep - to ask the right questions - the more I was able to grow. I began to build myself back up - to find support in community + friends. By doing this work, I also gained the clarity + strength to respond to that inner knowing that my life’s PURPOSE is to pass these tools + learnings onto others. It is a purpose that tapped on my shoulder for years and would not go away until I acknowledged it.

So, if you are sitting there KNOWING inside that you feel the same - that on some level, you have experienced the same things, then I am here to help you become UNSTUCK. Book a session here - and let’s work together.

With Intention,