Add on services

Little add-on’s to unblock life

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Clear Path - Energy Clearing


We believe the energy in your home is a reflection of your life. With this add-on ritual, we use smudging & clearing tools to eliminate stagnant energy and crystals selected according to your specific needs in order to magnify the vibration of attracting into your life what you desire and deserve.

Flow - Interior Styling 


We have an intuitive knowing as to how a space should flow. This organizing add-on will adjust the flow of your home so you can live your life with style & ease.  Designed for those who want a quick style refresh for their space.

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Reveal - Mini coaching session


Mini-coaching session during your initial assessment as well as throughout your organizing session - ask away!  This is a perfect way to understand what areas of your home are showing up as a reflection of your life. 

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